Certification Eligibility
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Eligibility for IAYT Certification
as a Yoga Therapist


Applications for IAYT certification as a yoga therapist (C-IAYT) are now available

AFTER you  have reviewed the Eligibility Chart, go to the APPLY NOW section for your Pathway under the Certification tab to download the required tables to complete along with the online application.

All applicants for IAYT certification (C-IAYT) must be current IAYT members and agree to the IAYT Code of Ethics and Grounds for Disciplinary Action, Use of the C-IAYT Credential, and review the Scope of Practice.  These and other IAYT policies related to certified yoga therapists can be found in the Certification Policies and Procedures. 

IAYT members may apply who are either:

• Graduates of IAYT accredited yoga therapist training programs, or

• Eligible for grandparenting with formal training and experience, or

• Eligible for grandparenting as a seasoned yoga therapist

The IAYT Eligibility Pathways Chart provides a quick snapshot of the three Pathways for becoming certified and their requirements. Visit the Grandparenting page and review the Rules for more details and information on how to qualify under one of the Grandparenting Pathways.

Critical Dates

Here are some critical dates to keep in mind:

May 24, 2016 - Release of applications for all three pathways

June 30, 2017 – End of acceptance of Grandparenting applications (Acceptance of applications for certification from graduates of IAYT accredited programs will be continuous)

January 1, 2008 – if applying under Grandparenting Pathway 2 as a seasoned yoga therapist you must have begun practice prior to this date

January 1, 2014 – if applying under Grandparenting Pathway 1 with formal training, you must have begun your formal yoga therapy training program prior to this date

All requirements for application must be completed by the date you submit your application.**

For graduates of IAYT accredited programs, your graduation date must be AFTER the program’s date of IAYT accreditation.
**Previous editions of the Eligibility Chart and critical dates for Grandparenting included "complete requirements by January 1, 2017".  This has been removed as of May 2016.

All C-IAYT candidates must:

  • Be current IAYT members (not a member yet? Join now!)
  • Complete the online application 
  • Agree to and/or review the IAYT policies related to IAYT certified yoga therapists
  • Submit required supporting evidence
  • Pay the $250 application fee - submitted in 2 payments of $125 each.

Certification is good for 3 years

Educational Resources About

Accreditation and Certification